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Sturdy and comfortable, yet super-stylish. These Ajrakh pants are a must-have for all you ladies to add to your ethnic collection. Perfect for any kind of day, be it a day full of leisure or a day full of hard work. Adorned with pretty patterns! You'll totally love them. Ajrakh is the art of block printing which has been practiced in the Indian subcontinent for over 4500 years! Yes! So old, still so loveable. These are sturdy fabrics as they were traditionally worn by men in Kutch and Sindh to withstand the extreme weather conditions there. But now, they are so popular throughout the subcontinent. The interesting feature of Ajrakh is that, when it is block printed on the two sides such that they align exactly with the prints on the first side, it gives even more depth and intensity to the prints. So get them now and amp up your wardrobe! Also find a wide range of other Handloom Pants like IkatDabuAjrakh Pants and many more on LOOMKAR!

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