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Sturdy and comfortable, yet super-stylish. These Dabu Pants are a must-have for all you ladies to add to your ethnic collection. Perfect for any kind of day, be it a day full of leisure or a day full of hard work. Adorned with pretty patterns! You'll totally love them. Dabu print is a traditional hand block printing technique which traces its origin to the lands of Rajasthan. Having its own charm and grace that's well known all across the globe, dabu print fabric looks and feels majestic.  An amalgamation of incredibly skilled labor and beautiful motifs subtle, Dabu print is used by many fashion designers to create ecstatic garment collections. So get them now and amp up your wardrobe! Also find a wide range of other Handloom Pants like IkatDabuAjrakh Pants and many more on LOOMKAR!

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