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Watch elegance unfurl its new rendition in the form of these graceful, rich-textured, and immensely comfortable Ikat Pants. With no compromises being made while hand-weaving this piece of garment, LOOMKAR has put in extra efforts to provide you comfort enclosed in high-quality fabric. Having the power to enhance your every type of look, Ikat fabric has been termed as 'Poetry On The Loom' by fashion enthusiasts as the process to make it is quite tiresome. Ikat is actually a dying process wherein each yarn before weaving is pre-dyed in order to get the required beauty in design. A unique confluence of colours and patterns, Ikat fabrics are the most versatile, and awe-inspiring materials that amp up your grace to another level. Also find a wide range of other Handloom Pants like Ikat, Dabu, Ajrakh Pants and many more on LOOMKAR!

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