India proudly flaunts her history of producing the finest-quality and carefully-handcrafted clothing. Through LOOMKAR, we express our love for the rich handloom clothing that portrays a modern Indian woman’s charismatic personality.
Elegance. Class. Confidence
These are what LOOMKAR’s handpicked collection stands for.

To bring our stunning collection to more and more people, we decided to curate this heart-warming store in Raipur. We put in all our love for handloom clothing and accessories and thus, most of the things you’d see when you visit us is handcrafted with extreme precision and adorable intricacies.

If you’re in Raipur or anywhere near Raipur, we’d love you to drop by our store and we can adore the beauty of these exquisite products together! Who knows you might just give away your heart to a saree you drape just to see how it looks on you!